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A south facing front lawn was not coping with the combination of sun and reflection from the white painted house.  We stripped the lawn and created a sweeping footpath which curls invitingly around a central reflecting bowl focal point.  We used a gravel grid system to avoid any migration of gravel from foot and bike traffic.  Planting reflects the desired Mediterranean vibe and is drought tolerant.

Loose, informal planting spills over the path edges.  An intimate seating area, ensconced by lush planting provides a morning coffee spot.  In the far corner, a deck overhangs a wildlife pond.

The client feedback? “its the best thing we’ve ever done”.

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Here is the gravel grid installation.  Normally for driveways it provides a solid framework to keep the gravel in place and prevent migration and slushiness generally.

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The kind of transformation your garden could undergo.